Follow Your Heart

It’s been a while since the last poem I posted here – hope you enjoy ‘Follow Your Heart’, my latest:

Follow Your Heart (2015)

Sometimes you may crash and burn
Other times find lifelong friends
In some cases that special someone
But to find out, you must follow your heart

Despite distance or time apart
In spite of the challenges
In spite of the potential for heartbreak
Follow your heart

Treasure the memories and moments together
Treasure the friendships you make
Follow your heart


As we reach the halfway point in November, I hope you enjoy my newest poem, “Journeys”.

Journeys (2013)

One of life’s most tragic moments
Balanced by one of the happiest

One journey just ended
The other just beginning

Seeing things once again
Through the eyes of a child

Oh, what wonders will we see?
Oh, the possibilities.


As August rolls to a close, I hope you enjoy my newest poem, “Reflections”.

Reflections (2013)

Spreading outward like ripples on the pond
Reflections containing memories fond

As days turn to weeks, and weeks to months
The grief fades and brings great memories forth

Never thought the words would come this late
But knew that these words must come from the heart

As I reflect back to days gone by
I remember the good times and the wonderful pies
But times with you were more than the food
Grandfather and grandson – an important family bond

Times in Hilton Head Island, Gulfport, and Biloxi
Memories of Shuffleboard and conversations to last a lifetime

All I have now
Reflections of days gone by


I had planned to publish a new poem back in April, but life had other plans. In an instant, I had to scramble to deal with a family emergency. In that instant, everything changed – and the “Memories” I had written no longer applied. It’s taken me time — time to be there for family; time to start the healing process; time to want to write again. In memory of the family member who never gave up all the way to the very end, enjoy my latest poem “Memories”.

Memories (2013)

Memories shared with friends and family
Memories to forever cherish
Memories of road trips, too numerous to count
Memories from coast to coast

Memories of good times and bad
Memories of challenges met and goals exceeded
Memories of moments that changed your life
Memories that cause heartache

Memories of grief
Memories of friends’ compassion
Memories remembered fondly


As a followup to my post on “Moments”, one individual on twitter mentioned that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.  That got me to thinking about dreams and how they relate to moments in life.  I hope you enjoy “Dreams” below.

Dreams (2013)

Dreams abandoned or pushed aside
Dreams shattered into pieces
Dreams delayed or shelved
Dreams of what could have been
Dreams being pursued
Dreams realized
Dreams of love
Dreams of finding that special someone
Dreams that might yet come true
Dreams yet to be dreamed


This month has brought its own challenges, but it helped me realize just how important moments in life are.  For one of the very few times, I’ve chosen to post one of my poems openly and publicly to this blog.  It is called “Moments”, and it is my most recent excursion into writing.

Moments (2013)

Moments of sadness, moments of grief
Moments that make us weep
Moments of happiness, moments of laughter
Moments that make us smile
Moments shared with family
Moments shared with friends
Moments spent all alone
Moments at home, moments on the road
Moments doing something new
Moments of your life
Moments to make count