Michael Viron is an experienced IT Manager, business owner, presenter, volunteer, and event organizer in Pensacola, FL.

Mr. Viron has 16 years of experience in many key areas, including operations (both business and information technology), senior management, information technology support, security, software and web development, and project management. In addition to his full time job at KAMedData, Inc, he continues to be heavily involved as an alumni volunteer at the University of West Florida, continues leadership roles for a wide variety of projects and organizations, and continues to work to bring quality innovative technical events to the local area.

Mr. Viron graduated from the University of West Florida (UWF) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science (specializing in Computer Information Systems). While attending UWF, Mr. Viron founded Web Spinners, started General Education Online, and participated in various capacities in Phi Eta Sigma, Student Government, the Homecoming Committee, Campus Activities Board, and the Nautical Student Services Advisory Committee. An active alumni, Mr. Viron continues to volunteer his time with Career Services and Alumni Relations, and assist in organizing and coordinating events to benefit the UWF community.

In his role as IT Manager at KAMedData, Inc, Mr. Viron has been heavily involved in coordinating numerous product launches and both company and division startups. A key member of the company’s management team, Mr. Viron is responsible for day-to-day technical operations companywide, including project management, administration of the corporate infrastructure, security, short and long range technical planning, and development.

Additionally, Mr. Viron is involved in a wide variety of professional and interest organizations in the area, including the Northwest Florida Section of IEEE, the Computer & Communications Joint Society of the IEEE Northwest Florida Section (as Chair since 2009), the Pensacola LUG (as a founding member, and past officer), the Gulf Coast SQL Server Users Group, the Gulf Coast .Net Users Group, and the Lower Alabama .Net Users Group.

Mr. Viron continues extensive involvement with General Education Online both on the business development and software development sides. General Education Online has been recognized for quality and excellence several times over the years, by such varied organizations as the Chronicle for Higher Education, the United States Department of Education, and LibrarySpot.com. Recognized as an industry leader and innovator, projects of General Education Online include the findaschool.org portal, Education Disaster Information Systems, and International Education Resources.

Mr. Viron is also involved as a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Networks and Systems Professional Association (NASPA), Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), Software Test Professionals (STP), and INETA; has participated in founding activities of Schoolforge, MDKLinuxFAQ.org, the Mobile Sharepoint Users Group, and the Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) affinity group of the IEEE Northwest Florida Section; continues his involvement in Simple End User Linux (SEUL) as part of the administrative staff; and continues involvement on various customer advisory panels for a number of Fortune 500 companies, and on research panels for such varied organizations as CIO, CSO, CIO Insight, Baseline, eWeek, Computerworld, and NetworkWorld.

In his spare time, Mr. Viron enjoys photography, writing, and visiting various historical sites and parks throughout the southeastern United States.

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