I had planned to publish a new poem back in April, but life had other plans. In an instant, I had to scramble to deal with a family emergency. In that instant, everything changed – and the “Memories” I had written no longer applied. It’s taken me time — time to be there for family; time to start the healing process; time to want to write again. In memory of the family member who never gave up all the way to the very end, enjoy my latest poem “Memories”.

Memories (2013)

Memories shared with friends and family
Memories to forever cherish
Memories of road trips, too numerous to count
Memories from coast to coast

Memories of good times and bad
Memories of challenges met and goals exceeded
Memories of moments that changed your life
Memories that cause heartache

Memories of grief
Memories of friends’ compassion
Memories remembered fondly

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