Poem for WABB

Update 2/29/2012: Thank you to the WABB family for the numerous retweets, @ replies, and follows. This poem is now #3 all-time out of the 10 posts I’ve written on this blog, having gained the most number of views in the shortest period of time. I’ve been listening to WABB for 17 years — the dedication of the onair personalities and WABB as a whole to the community has remained unquestioned the entire time. All of you — Blondie, Nick Fox, Q-Tip, Producer Heather, and Intern Alyssa will be greatly missed. Your passion for radio and positive energy has permeated everything you’ve done, and has more than once lifted my spirits during difficult moments. Last but not least, the webmaster, Stephanie Winans, although behind the scenes, has also shown a true passion for keeping the website updated and ensuring content gets up quickly.

You can follow Blondie (@RachelBlondie), Nick Fox (@NickWFox), Q-Tip (@qtipqtip), Producer Heather (@alwaysbebright), Intern Alyssa (@Honeaa), and Stephanie Winans (@StephanieWinans) on twitter for updates.

The gulf coast heard the news that WABB will go off the air at the end of the month, on Friday (February 17). One listener has made a video, but I chose a poem.

WABB, What can I say?
You’ve been on my radio each and every day
Listening to Nick Fox, Q-Tip, Intern Alyssa, and Producer Heather.
Blondie, don’t worry — I haven’t forgotten you either!

All of you, putting the interests of the community first
Providing necessary information during an emergency alert.
But through it all, having fun — even with the sad news.

Choosing to go out not silently but with one final Hoorah..
A final chance for listeners to connect and say good bye.

A fixture on the Gulf Coast since before I came in
I can’t believe my mornings will soon not be the same.
Unsure who, if anyone, can match your enthusiasm.

Who can forget Screwy News, the Buzz, or even “As Heard On”
WABB, in the memories of your listeners and stars you’ve launched will live on.

Take care, all of you — I wish you nothing but the best!

Michael Viron
President & CEO
General Education Online

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